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Who We Are:

3D Print Labs is a PaaS (Print as a Service) company that prints your designs and your ideas. Our motto and mission is: ‘Printing Your Dreams’.

We focus mainly on FDM printing; Fused Deposition Modeling, which is an Additive Manufacturing process that builds parts layer by layer by selectively depositing melted material in a predetermined path.

There are many materials that can be used, the primary material is PLA (Polylactic Acid). Typically, PLA+, PETG and TPU are kept on hand, in a wide array of colors.

How Does Print as a Service Work?

This main process is relatively simple. You can either send us your file / model to: Or, we will work with you to find the proper model

Do You Design or 3D Scan?

We can absolutely assist with designing or 3D Scanning. However, with so many current models out there, it is usually more beneifical to find a model that already exists.

How Long Do Prints Take?

Prints can take as little as 10 – minutes up to days and weeks to print. It’s going to depend on the size and material.

How Much Do Prints Cost?

This is a more difficult question to answer, ultimately, it is going to depend on how long the print takes, the material used and how much post processing is needed. Our minimum is $2.50.

What Colors Can I Pick From?

You can pick from just about any color you can think of. We do keep a wide array on hand, but can acquire any color you would like.

What Materials Can You Print?

PLA and PLA+ are the most common, however we can print TPU, PETG and ABS.

Do You Offer Trainings or Classes?

Currently, we offer one-on-one classes where we can walk you through the entire process and explain the vernacular.